Monday, June 28, 2010

Disappointment, once again :(

well I had my weekly doctor appointment today, we were crossing our fingers that I would be dialated, even just a little bit -but what do you know? I'm not :( Caraleigh is being soo darn stubborn! I tell her everyday that it is soo much better out here than it will be in there! But then again, my mom went 5 weeks past her due date with me, so I guess my daughter is already trying to take after me -ha.

On an even worse note, I have pneumona! how fantastic, right? NO! I started to get sick on tuesday, and it just progressively got worse, but I just thought it was a cold.. up until saturday when I could hardly breathe and all I was doing was coughing, it was horrible.. so I woke up saturday and Jerimey told me to just call the doctor, well he told me to go to the ER.. well I was there for like 3 hours, Jerimey stayed home (he finished Caraleighs room! :) ) and finally they came back showing me my chest x-ray, and of course, I don't just have pneumona, I have DOUBLE pneumona, I have fluid in BOTH of my freaking lungs! I have had such a great pregnancy, so I guess it was bound to happen :( on the good side of it all, it doesn't have any effect on her at all! Thank goodness! I am loaded up on robitosin, antibiotics, and an inhaler. Jerimey has been suchhh a fantastic husband! he got up saturday and cleaned the entire house, and has been cooking dinner, and cleaning up. he has even helped me with laundry -which is one thing he swore he would never do! he tried to comfort me, but he is also trying to keep his space so that he doesnt get sick! He is such a great husband :) I honestly couldn't imagine being with anyone else -I am soo lucky! well, minus the fact that right now we are in bed, he is asleep, and he is stretched out across the ENTIRE bed! oh this should be fun! haha but he looks so darn cute :) anywho, im sure y'all dont care.

Jerimey has a 96 starting friday at noon, so hopefully she will come over the fourth of july holiday weekend! I just want her OUT! I feel like I have been pregnant for forever! I don't know if I am going to be able to get any bigger before I just explode! We have everything ready for her, so we are just playing the waiting game! I go to the doctor again next wednesday, so hopefully she will either be here, or they will give me good news!

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